Church culture has lost the clarity of our commission and the confidence of our command. Ekklesia culture restores this. When right revelation of Christ produces a right rulership mindset, this rulership will produce Kingdom results. This won’t happen without a fight. And that’s the place of prayer.
— Dean Briggs

The heartbeat, the furnace, and the place of central importance of SAFA is the War Room [Prayer Room]. It is our core conviction that Jesus Christ is worthy of continual worship and responds to the ceaseless prayer of His saints. Our "ekklesial" model trains cadets not in random prayer, but precision prayer, along with the resolve to contend until victory is gained.

Over the past three decades, our War Room model of intercession has taken shape in prayer rooms across the US, from Pasadena, CA to El Paso, TX, to Washington, D.C. We have built a mobile house of prayer leading up to every TheCall gathering since 2000. Regardless of the location, the War Room experience includes our unique culture of contending intercession, intimate devotion, and high worship. Now, in Colorado Springs, we are again raising up a dedicated War Room as a permanent dwelling place for the Lord and for continuous intercession before Him.

It is here that cadets will be trained first-hand in prayer, and it is from this place that cadets will be sent out on assignment. As SAFA is being newly established and headquartered in Colorado Springs, cadets will have the unique opportunity to pioneer and build the War Room with the leaders of SAFA and TheCall.