“How can I turn America back to God?”

”What I am pouring out in America is stronger than the rebellion.”
— Lou Engle 1999, prayer
There is a shift coming to TheCall, and it will not be just fasting and prayer but stadiums filled with the proclamation of the Gospel, signs and wonders, the mantle of Billy Graham is coming to the nation.
— Confirming prophetic words to TheCall, 2012

turning america back to god

For the past 16 years, TheCall has been dominated by a singular vision: to see America turn back to God. We believe we are on the precipice for the fulfillment of this word, as critical as the times may seem. Therefore, for the next 3 years, TheCall and SAFA will have a particular focus on contending for the soul of this nation. We are planning for 7 Stadium Initiatives within this time-span, as well as targeting campuses for a Third Great Awakening in this nation and a youth movement that goes from America to the ends of the earth.

Cadets joining SAFA will be immediately enlisted into Deployment Phase I: Domestic Strikes. This will involve being the prayer strike company leading up to the Stadium Gatherings, as well as tours on high school and university campuses contending for the Youth of America.

planned domestic strikes


washington dc