TheCall SAFA School is designed to be a prayer training center where cadets will be rooted, grounded, and increasingly perfected in love, learn the principles and practicals of intercession, and develop a lifestyle of personal and corporate prayer in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our program is founded upon Biblical, revelatory teaching, along with experiential and transformational training.


Rigorous Training

SAFA is more than a ministry internship or school; it is a bootcamp. In that manner, classes are rigorous, personal discipline is required, and training is hands-on. As a leadership, we are sobered by the reality of spiritual warfare. We consider it our sacred duty of love to prepare cadets to overcome the great challenges in our nation and the nations of the earth. Our discipleship and mentoring process includes cadets becoming grounded in the Word of God, a strong sense of their personal union with Christ, and the practical applications of sacrificial, community life. For those willing to give themselves wholeheartedly to God and His processes in this consecrated season of their lives, we believe that you will find that you will grow, mature, and walk in faith that is beyond anything you could think or imagine.


Expectations of prospective students

Because the very mandate of SAFA is demanding in nature, the application process is selective. Our leadership team seeks to operate in a spirit of gracious and loving discernment, and realize that not every person may be called or suited to join SAFA. SAFA is not designed to provide the proper resources for rehabilitation or extended counseling to overcome lifetime sins, deep wounding, or dire life circumstances. That said, prospective students should not disqualify themselves prematurely; we encourage all who are moved by God to apply. We recognize and rejoice that God's greatest works have been through weak men and women.